Spoil timer problem after leaving chunk

Hey guys!

So, I have a electrical cooled feeding trough. When it’s running it has x100, when it’s not running it has x4. The timer switch itself works so far, BUT as soon as I leave the chunk, the timer goes back to x4 although it is still powered. When I turn the generator off and on again, the timer goes back to x100. Until I leave the chunk again of course…
I’m not very experienced with the dev kit and stuff like that, so I really have no clue how to fix that.^^;
Any help please? :slight_smile:

What are your settings about stasis of your feeding trough?
“Prevent Stasis”
“Net Dormancy”
“Default Stasis Component Octree Flags”

And about “Auto Activate if powered”?

Prevent Stasis is unchecked, also there’s a point “Auto Stasis” which is checked.
Net Dormancy = DORM Dormant All
Default Stasis Component Octree Flags = 131088 (whatever that means xD)
Auto Activate if Powered is checked