Splotches with real-time ray tracing

Hi, first of all, many thanks to Unreal for the amusing staring point for learning real-time raytracing. Everything on the picture from that basic scene apart of the ceiling it’s from here

The ceiling may be too high poly mesh but the empty ceiling gives the same result

I’ve read a lot about fixing this with light baking but know nothing about real-time rendering. It is just a screenshot, will cinematic eliminate this?

I’ll be very appreciated for help

That’s typical, you would need to increase the amount of samples

So all the lighting is dynamic so far? You haven’t build the lighting yet? What kind of lights are you using? - What are your settings? Did you use production quality? A bit more info would be helpful.

I had those splotches once when I put a light too close to the ceiling or another piece of geometry. Like 1 cm away from the ceiling. After building lighting they appeared.

That’s my first try of real-time. Everything just as-is out of the box, I’m asking where to look for.

Ok, with lightmass baking I will typically increase I agree. Where are those setting though :slight_smile: I’ll test today.

I’ve tested the increasing of the number of samples. This is the results. First of all, the settings I’ve touched are in Post-process Volume. Increasing doesn’t help a lot until you switch to “Brute Force” afterwards up to 5 Max. bounce the difference is huge.

The Max. bounce - 1

I’m sorry for the mess in the room, it wasn’t important for me, I just wanted to keep the scene saturated.

Try decreasing static lighting level scale, increasing indirect quality, and increasing smoothness, all found in World Settings - Lightmass. If it doesn’t have an impact, reply about it.

Do Lightmass settings affect real-time rendering?

It depends on how the scene is set up. If every mesh and every light is set to movable, and “Force No Precomputed Lighting” is enabled, then I’d think it wouldn’t have as drastic of an effect. But it still could, I guess. In the docs, there’s a page which reads that Lightmass is not only utilized for static lighting, but also influences dynamic lighting too, or certain features that are used in dynamic lighting.