Splitting my big landscape into separate maps in World Composition

OK, so I scoured all of the documentation and played around with the editor and I can’t seem to understand how to do this.

What I want to do is to split all of the Landscape Components into separate maps for easier building and editing. I heard you can move them to separate maps, somehow, but I am very unsure about the process involved.

Any help would be appreciated :slight_smile:


I guess there may be 2 ways :

  • exporting your height maps to WorldMachine and tile it there (if you have the correction version of WM)
  • duplicate your landscape, and delete from each copy complementary portions of the landscape (delete component in one landscape that are will be in the other). then, add each landscape to different sub-level.


Excuse the necropost but is there really no other way? Any.more current non WM methods?

There is a tool by quadspinner called Gaea. You can find it here. It supports tiled terrain

Mother of God their website is terrible. They could do with getting their demo version out - I wouldn’t be too keen on paying for the version with tiled support without actually trying it first.

You can actually do it from the editor guys, dont know why people keep suggesting otherwise, lol.

People are suggesting otherwise because the original thread is from six years ago, before the Kite Demo and the feature described in your link became a part of the publicly available engine.

Locking the thread to prevent future necrobumping.