Splitting Jump Animations

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Need to get used to posting some questions in here as the amount of information people provide is priceless.

So I have eventually taken the leap and moved onto creating my game and starting with a platformer for my first game. The jump animation has just stopped me in my tracks.

Now I am just making this game to get used to UE4 so its a throwaway but I want to learn as much as I can so I am using Mixamo animations and animations purchased in the Marketplace.

So I find it hard to find a good tutorial on splitting a regular jump animation into start, loop and end.

Does anyone have any idea of the best place to start in doing this?

Thanks in advance!

Such a long text for such a short question. :wink:

Copy the animation two times. Open one of them, right click where you want to cut and you’ll see something like "remove all frames before/after ". Click on it and you have only the part you like. Do it with the other animations, too.

Create an animation blueprint to do dynamic blending.


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I know I am BRUTAL for long text.

You make it sound so easy, :smiley: and I have no doubt it is. Thanks man. Ill give it a whirl after work tonight

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The actual splitting is fairly easy.
The difficult part is the animatiin blueprint which is used to compose your chara ters complete animation logic and blending between all of this by the use if the characters current state.

If you don’t know how to do it check out some Youtube videos and the ue documentation first. It is not self explanatory

Do you mean using the state machine to from IsInAir? etc


That’s easy too. With fast path as well.

Jump start when the button is pressed.

Idle transition with automatic checkbox.

Idle to land transition with custom bool.

Character BP toggles the bool when IsOnAir is false and the ground tests positive at a distance <= 30 (off the movement component no extra traces).

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