Splitscreen Problem, Spawning Characters

I have a character selection screen which stores a variable for the character selected then upon entering the next level it will check which character was selected and spawns it and possesses it.

I used the create player node on the character select screen which enables split screen but how would I go about selecting two characters then spawning these two characters in the next map since I cant set a default character to spawn which will just make the two characters I need normally?

If I understand correctly, you want to create your PlayerOne manually? If so, then do the ff.:

  1. On your custom GameMode, enable Delayed Start. This will prevent the game from auto creating your PlayerOne.

  2. Then on your custom GameMode’s BeginPlay create your PlayerOne manually similar to how you create your PlayerTwo.

You may need to include setting up your main camera after you create your PlayerOne.

If you’re using GameModeBase instead, I’ll get back to you on that.