Splitscreen: Need separate cameras for each player

Hi there everyone,

I am trying to get a splitscreen feature on my game at the moment however when the game starts, it does load two pawns into the game however it will just duplicate the camera for one of the players. The second player can still be controlled however there seems to be no camera attached to it as you can see below.

The blueprints that I believe are directly involved are the following:

This one creates the additional player into the game which can be controlled by an additional gamepad:



This is a camera delay function that I added directly into the Event Graph of the ship pawn:

Before I had added another player controller to the “Set view with Target Blend” function the camera was seriously warped so I think I am on the right track, I just cannot figure out how to get a separate camera for the second player pawn.

Can anyone help with this?

Thanks in advance!

Try replacing get player controller on the view target with “Get Owning Player Controller”

Ok so I have replaced Get Player Controller with Get Owning Player Controller however it still requires me to use a Get Player Camera Manager and then assign a specific player index to that. I tried in a similar fashion to previous blueprint however it still does the same thing.

This may be a question best asked to the community on the forums. It is definitely a situation in which the currently blueprint is being fed the same physical position. You can see that at the view target (both are receiving the exact same data). Try posting on the forums at http://forums.unrealengine.com in the blueprint scripting section!

So because it is being fed the same physical position, do you think it might be an idea to essentially duplicate the pawn or perhaps just the section of the blueprint regarding the camera? Thanks for the suggestion about the forums, I’ll get on it shortly.

What may work is to create a master pawn, then create child blueprints for each player. Then the spawner you have spawns the individual child blueprints that have inherited the parent blueprints functions.