Splitscreen multiplayer

Hey guys,

I’m totally stuck with an assignment

It’s easy to do a quick split screen using a character blueprint. but my character is not humanoid or cannot walk or whatever. it’s a floating eel with it’s joints physics simulated and no gravity on. so it’s pointless to use a character controller. I started with a pawn blueprint. I guess because I was not able to add any of the other presets like actors to my game mode to make then eventually spawn in my game. I also seem to have problems with input, spawning at the right location (yes I use players start set on 0, and 1 to make both players span at a different location).

Can someone help me out making a simple split-screen multiplayer where i can control them with input (my intentions are using xbox controllers but as long as input with keyboard works i will be happy enough). Don’t expect a big thing using a key pressed and print string is good enough for me.