Splitscreen Issues

I enabled spiltscreen via the function ‘CreatePlayer’ in the ViewportClient, but I ran into two issues so far.

1.It appears player 2’s screen has messed up Post Process settings.

Notice Player 2’s screen is almost completely white.

Notice still a bright glow with lights disabled.

I tried deleting the global post process, but basically same effect.

2.Player 2 seems to not be receiving any input from a second 360 controller. I am using the default 3rd person setup code. Do I need to attach a new controller class on spawn to any additional players? I’m not sure yet. In UE3 after creating a player everything automatically worked.

Are these issues bugs or can they be fixed on my end?

Splitscreen has not gotten any significant attention on our end to this point. The joystick issue has already been resolved and will be working in a future beta release. The white glow is a known bug, however, I don’t have a definitive timeline on when that will be addressed.

Thanks for the info! I’m glad to know its in the works:)