Splitscreen controls

Does anyone here know how i can set a player to use a specific input device ?
(Player1 = Keyboard/Mouse, Player2 = Xbox360 Controller)

So far i could get the splitscreen feature working great, and i can swap the character
by using “SSSwapControllers” but i am not able to find any way to control both characters.

This is how i create my players:

haven’t done much at all w/ this. but you would need to set up 2 different axis events in your project settings, one for each different event & type of controller.

ie: set up player 1 with movement event setup with the mouse & keyboard & player 2 with the same just setup w/ the xbox controls, from there you can mix or match or just use them for both, you’ll have to set that part up in your game BPs (like char BP etc). once you set the controls up, the game won’t care who uses the events, as far as I know.

hope that makes sense to ya , gl

Thank you very much, this was the solution!

Just a example if someone else should have trouble with this too:

  1. Spawn the players just like I did.
  1. Use the events:

np, hope it helps.

you can do this in any combination you like as well, just separate the handling by player index like you did above.

and actually, you don’t need that second input action, just go back into your project settings and where input for ‘Jump’ is, just click the ‘+’ sign to add another input to it and put your Xbox input there, then use the same node again, just replace ‘Jump2’ node you have with the other ‘Jump’ node. (this can be done with mouse and any device you hook up, try it out.)(I think a good example for you to look at would be how the 1st person Project handles input in the MyCharacter BP when you create a 1st Person Project check it out. probably can find it by searching docs as well.)

I will try that, thanks again for your help you saved me a lot of time :slight_smile: