Spliting Animations

I imported a FBX Rigged mesh with animations in to UE4. My animations are not split. How do I use Animation Montage to set where the animations should start and stop? For example an animation may be 120 frames but run is on frame 20 to 50.

In Unity when I imported there were control to set the start and end frame for each animation and controls for segmenting as many keyframe sections as i needed into individual animations.

Is there something like this in UE4?

From what I have read, it might Animation Montage but I could not figure it out from the documentation.

Could someone please advise how I can handle this in UE4?



I had the same issues - here is the thread where we worked out the solution!

*I don’t know about Animation Montage, but here is how we solved the same problem
import your rigged character as skeletal mesh with no animation, then import the same fbx as “animation” choosing frame times 1 by 1 - the skeleton target should be the skeletal mesh you just imported (that had zero animation on it)

you’ll end up with as many animation files as there are animations for the character, which seems odd, but it works just the same as a single file when they are all attached to the skeletal mesh (which is done during the import)

Thanks!! I will try that after work today!!!

Thanks so much. This does work now:-)