Split viewport into areas of different contents

I want to split my viewport into three different areas of content like the picture below.

There are two UMG Widgets and the main viewport. I know how to make a UMG Widget to show in the viewport, but I want to separate the viewport from the UMG.

One thought is to make 3 Canvas Panels in one UMG Widget and then assign the content to each panel. Is it possible to set the viewport to a Canvas Panel like so?

Or is there any other way to achieve the same result?

Have you resolved it yet?

No, I didn’t solve this problem. It was for a project I now finished with another type of GUI.

Have seen other developers asking for similar functionality though, so if you have i solution, feel free to write it down here for people searching the AnswerHub

I would love a solution for this as well ! I’ll let everyone know if I find anything.