Split string not working as intended?

I recently purchased the Medieval Village pack, and was expanding on a blueprint “auto-create” function for the buildings. In order to correctly place different objects such as stairs, signs, etc… I need to figure out what main floor option the player has chosen. To do this, I use a split string to tear apart the name of the floor, which is named Floor_Num1xNum2_mdl

Here is the blueprint:

In essence, the blueprint is not setting Int variable with the corresponding strings as it should be :\ Any info on why? Am I doing it wrong? This will be the driving force on how I want to expand on the blueprint, so the user chooses the main floor, the roof style, what type of building it is, and how many floors there should be. The blueprint will then place the appropriate mid floors, stairs, and any accessories in the house, however, the driving force of all of this is the ability to split the name of the main floor to get the size of it.

If your floor is named Floor_Num1xNum2_mdl, why are you splitting using ‘Main_’ as the source string? Also, tell us the exact object name, and what the x & y variables are being set to in the end.

/sigh… that was actually the problem. Now to find out why this Set Transform variable isn’t working ><