Split screen TPP shooter

Bought tons of content from Kubold on Black Friday…

Now I’m using it having tons of fun :smiley: - it started as a learning project but then, well, decided to push it forward a bit.


The lag is caused by the recording software, not the game. It runs smooth on my toster laptop.

It’s meant to be a couch game for parties, different game types, modern + classic gameplay hybrid - no shields, health regeneration, just medkits here and there, but I’m trying to make it fast paced.
Couple of game types, coop vs bots / coop scenarios, deathmatch, team deathmatch, darkmatch (Unreal’99 style), capture the flag, maybe different game types later.

This here is first try playing with a friend after 3 dev days. I’m pretty excited about this.

Any suggestions are welcome.

Gonna probably release it for free, if not, probably for like 5$ max.

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Important PS: Question. Can I use commercially content released by Epic labeled as “free”? In particular I’m using here the Infiltrator character (modified a bit) from Showdown demo. Can I use it or do I need to change it?

Hi Z-enzyme,

That honestly looks like fun. A sort of one-on-one fighter. Add some Bot AI and it can be a Co-op. I Would like to see more Split Screen Games. I only buy co-op games for my Consoles. I intend to incorporate some form of local multiplayer into all of my games. My suggestion is to build up a Map Editing system that allows the Players to go thru the map add/remove obstacles and set up traps/powerups etc prior to the match. The same Editing could be allowed at real-time for a different type of Game Mode.

Keep up the Great work!

It’ll be even better with Simple Procedural Planets :stuck_out_tongue:

You got me there. Yes. there is a plan to “merge” these two into one.

Thanks for the tips! Map editor, maybe something like Doom has is a very good idea! Gonna think that through :smiley: