Split Screen Switch player control

Hello, is there anyway I can press say the L Key and switch from player 0 to 1? I’m using the level blueprint method of splitscreen (image below).


Also I don’t have any working controllers otherwise I would use that.

Hello OldsirenDC,

Have a look at the documentation for the Possess node: https://docs.unrealengine.com/latest/INT/Gameplay/HowTo/PossessPawns/Blueprints/index.html
This will allow you to switch between players on a key press or other event. Feel free to come back with any questions or feedback you may have regarding the documentation.

Have a great day,

Sean Flint

Sorry to revive this topic but posses player doesn’t work. This is the customized version of UGameViewportClient::SSSwapControllers which works on both shipping builds and runtime.

bool UCustomViewport::PossesLocalPlayer(const int32 PlayerId, const int32 ControllerId)
    UEngine* const REF_Engine = GameInstance->GetEngine();
    const int32 NumPlayers = REF_Engine->GetNumGamePlayers(this);

    if (NumPlayers > PlayerId + 1 || ControllerId < -1)
        return false;

    int32 PlayerControllerId = 0;
    if (ControllerId == -1)
        PlayerControllerId = UGameplayStatics::GetPlayerControllerID(REF_Engine->GetGamePlayer(this, 0)->GetPlayerController(GEngine->GetCurrentPlayWorld()));

        PlayerControllerId = ControllerId;

    REF_Engine->GetGamePlayer(this, PlayerId)->SetControllerId(PlayerControllerId);

    return true;