Split Screen/Co-op/Multiplayer

I’ve been using the occulus and happened to stumble across stereo mode in udk 2014-08 in the engine config file which is really cool. Then i modified DBAActive=true to false which made the screenlook very clear! At this point i’m having difficulties with syncronizing apex destructibles across net play so i have a clever idea to make a split screen mode.Of course i have a couple of questions about this…so my first question is can multiple pawns be possessed by a player? also, is it possible to get xbox controls working for a player 2 pawn that spawned in and have it so only player 1 uses a keyboard? if you see where this is going you’ll know im trying to make it possible to run the game in local splitscreen mode where two people can play which i personally think would be seriously awesome. now, i have tried making some kismet code where the player runs and it triggers a second player with a controller and proper setup and then i have it so it tries to possess two pawns but i cant get it working for some weird reason.