Split release notes please or create an additional section.


When a new version is released the release notes look like this.
4.7 release notes

This is awesome. But if it is possible to create an additional Section of changed elements concerning workflow it would be much appreciated.
For example.


was buried in the big list list of new additions and fixes.

It would be awesome if we could have a highlighted section regarding anything related to workflow change of preexisting stuff. So if we are used to do something a specific way and *** has changed; to have it highlighted in its own section of the document. This will enable us to see at first glance if anything in our workflow has been changed and we need to amend our workflows accordingly. As opposed to reading through the entire document to discover these little workflow changes.

Thank you for reading.


Just to be clear, you would like to see them separated as “Bug Fixes” and “New Features/Feature Changes”? That sounds reasonable, I’ll run it by Stephen and see what he thinks. Let me know if there are any other specific changes you would like to see with this and I’ll see what can be done.

I’d like to see category “Workflow/UI changes” or something like that.
Some updates break old way of doing things and this should highlighted in separate category rather than “Bug fixes/New Features”

Thank you Alexander.

Yes basically what zeOrb said.
Bug fixes - New features - workflow changes

Its a bit of a broad statement on my behalf but yes. Anything that changes how you go about doing something to be in a separate section. Like in the example i gave.
The old way you would r-click and then say add branch point.
But after that change you can no longer right click and do this. You have to create a normal anim notify and specify its a branch point.

Something like that. Where we are left scratching our heads and wondering if our build broke because of how we did something is no longer available but has moved or changed in how you go about it :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks again