Split Marketplace forum into sub-forums

Hello epic!

I make blueprint systems for market, and each time I create a thread, it goes down very fast. It also a bit difficult to follow for other interested threads. I see one on the first page, but after couple of hours it moves to the second page, then to the third. A bit annoying. Moreover, it’s harder to get feedback for my packs as it dissapears from the top too quickly.

So my suggestion is to make sub forums for categories of Marketplace. It would be more effective in my opinion, as Marketplace and UE4 become more popular and there are huge amount of packs will be submitted and posted on forums.

Thank you!

I agree with this message!

I like the idea, though I don’t know where my main series thread would have a home since I’ve got assets across 3 different categories. =P


It’s my opinion, but I like the way it is.
Could have arrows (backward <==> forward ) by category that moves horizontally each category, with five columns and one or three rows per category.

Correction =)
I was wrong. It’s about the Forum !!!

**But remains my tip!


I’m against change like this.
First of all, as a moderator - I’m not ready to manually move almost 2’000 threads to 8 different subforums =D
On a more serious note - I check this subforum either to gain some info on new WiP packs or to read some progress/news on projects I’m interested in. With 8 different sub-sub-forums I will have to check 8 different categories to gain same info. And it will be really harder to mod, yeah.

I guess I was just waking up when initially reading this post.
Thinking it would be more categorized between regular marketplace discussion subforum, and a sub-forum for actual package/release discussions.

While this would be nice, zeOrb has a point, though the marketplace forum will become busier every day, and something will eventually need to be done. Though, if you want to put the moderators to work, this isn’t a bad way :stuck_out_tongue:

You’re just lazy :stuck_out_tongue:

The forums are saturated with hard to find but very useful info, how about improving the search system Epic?

  1. Allow users to save multiple queries, and offer a bookmark system…
  2. Allow for more complex searches w/ wildcards, + - operators (as per search engines).
  3. Fix the ‘keywords are too common’ errors and allow searching on URL i.e. kickstarter URLs.

I agree some sort of sub categories or filtering would be helpful but…

I also agree with the issues the changes would bring to the current system. Can we add a Tagging/Prefix feature so users could add category tags to their posts. Then power users of the forum could filter by these tags.

Well, you do not have to move all the threads. You can leave them in the main forum (as half of them are probably dead anyway), but if user would like to move his thread, he could just PM a moderator.
What about more difficult moderation, so I think, that you must decide, what is more important here… Moderator’s work or user convenience.

Emphasis of the post was about user convenience, which you ignored in your reply. Sorry if I was not clear.

As I said earlier, I personally, as a user, don’t see the convenience in such method. If you just want to see new packs in development you will have to open 8 tabs instead of 1. If you interested in particular pack - I highly doubt that this pack will be always on the first page of subforum so you will have to use search anyway. It will be easier to track new stuff per category, indeed, but I don’t like it if I have to sacrifice current convenience of the “front page” which works fine.

Also you exaggerate about being thread on third page after a couple of hours. At the moment first page has March 13/14 posts, second page - March 12 posts, third page - March 11 posts, fourth page - March 10 posts and etc. I think pattern is obvious and it looks quite okay to me.