Split Animation

Hello all im looking for some help with my jumping animation the animation looks great when i jump on the spot but if i need to do i big jump with my character, my mesh sits there frozen in the last animation stat until the character hits the ground so the animation does not look smooth at all. The thing is the mid point of the animation looks going (when the player is falling down from the jump) is there a way i can split the animation so i can use it like that or is there a much simpler way ?

Jumps are usually 3 animations. Jump Start, Jump Loop and Landing. They are usually specifically created, just cutting an single sequence jump animation will probably not result in a good middle loop.

You can use the editor to split animations. Make duplicates of your animation double click it and right click on the time line track to cut frames.

I found my issue was i had the play loop box unchecked once i re checked it all was good thanks for you reply