Split animation track

I have one track anim containing all character moves, i import it within Unreal 4, but i don’t find a way to split the track in multiple animations.
Is there some tool or option ?

OK, I found out how to do this using FBX importer but that is quite cumbersome. Are there any plans to make it easier to do within the Editor like in Unity’s Editor.

You can use composite anim sequences to reference subsections of a master anim sequence.

Michael Noland

I think there is some miscommunication going on. Animation composites take multiple sequences and treat them as if they were one animation.

The document referenced doesn’t seem to indicate how I can have one long animation and say, “Play frame 230 through 290” or “Play frame 330-450”…

I’m running into the same issue where there are 30+ animations in one FBX. Chopping them up into discrete animations seems rather tedious.