Splinepath randomizer

Hello, i have a SplinePathBP that i sets the spline positions in the constructionscript by using vectorarrays that have a 3d widget.

Then i have SplineBP that follows the path made by SplinePathBP.

I am going to have multiple SplineBPs following the same path, but i want it to randomize the position with a max value, that works sort of by setting a floatValue and + it to the SplinepathBP with a slider range. This is just so the splines arent inside eachother.
But the path is not always going in the world x direction for example… How would I fix that? Get the splinepoint forwardDirection and do something with that? I am lost…
I only want the position to be randomOffset on the sides, not up/down/back/forward directions.

thanks in advance.