SplineMesh roads twist when rotated

I followed a couple of spline road mesh tutorials on YouTube and got my “wires” generating along a spline and all is happy. Until I try to rotate the entire spline to point up and down instead of horizontally across the map, at which point it starts introducing ugly twists into the generated mesh.

The static mesh I’m using is as simple as possible, it’s literally just a cube with two faces removed on opposing sides.

Hello Furroy,

This looks to be related to a known issue (TTP# 346554) to do with rotating a spline segment to 90 degrees. A report has been sent to the development team for further consideration. The entire spline can be rotated to 90 degrees, however if it is altered after this point the error in rotation is likely to happen. Thank you for your information and your time.

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It does appear to be fixed if you have 4.7.2. I’m not 100% sure because of other issues keeping my prototype from launching, but looking at the spline mesh in editor it seems to have lost the twist.

Has this been resolved? I was counting on a solution to this that I need for my core level design. I am trying to make a vertical loop, I’ve tried a lot of different things and have everything working from the great trackgenerator example that Epic Provided, except this!

Thank you for your help,

I’m been working with 4.7.2 and still have the problem unfortunately

. I thought they fixed alot of the issues too. This one still seems to be there. its also possible that its not a bug and I just don’t get the logic…

Hello mdsf,

I did some looking around and I found that this question was answered elsewhere on the AnswerHub. ()

I have supplied the link for anyone else having the same issue.

I know this is an old post but my plugin is specifically designed to address this issue.

It offsets a second spline so that even when the spline is subdivided you won’t get any twisting.