SplineComponent interface problem with 4.5

Hey people!

I don’t know why but the since I updated to 4.5 I can’t use all spline functions avaliable in 4.4 in a blueprint script!

What happened!?

4.4 and 4.5 SplineComponent interface comparison:

Turn off context sensitive.

That’s definitely the solution but it’s something I’ve come across more frequently now as well. It’d be nice to see context sensitive work better…

Oh, yeah, that’s right, I thought it could be some sort of bug… feeling a little embarrassed now.

Thank you!

They made changes to the context menu in 4.5, so I know they are working to improve it. Not sure how much better it is with the latest update. I think I tend to ignore what the context is trying to tell me and just keep looking until I find what I am after. :stuck_out_tongue: