So i created blueprint for spline, everything is fine, but I need some other things to add. Landscape spline have option to pick up every point and segment and change mesh on that point, I would like that to have on my spline, also there is option to rotate mesh x y z, so it you dont export from max or other program correctly your mesh, you will have problem on spline array. Also i saw on some tutorial on youtube that it is possible to pick red tangent and move around instead of using manipulation tool rotate scale and move. Random meshes? Please if you have some screen shots, tutorials, or you have a clue how to do this to solve this write down, I am not programmer, but I will find my way somehow just show me direction :smiley:

i saw title of that video but it was too long for me, i will watch it, be hold if it doesnt have different meshes at different points :smiley: