Spline With Instanced Static Meshes

Hi All,

I have ran into a bit of trouble and I can’t figure out a solution. I have Spline upon which I populate track meshes using instanced Static Meshes, the problem occurs in the last Spline Point where it loops back to the index 0.

As Shown in the image below.

It seems no matter what I do the loop is never populated enough to close that gap between last and 1st Spline point.

I can share my code If anyone wants to look at it.

Yeah probably best to share the code.


Is your start index 1, or 0?

its 0.

I managed to fix this issue, I was stretching the lower points of Spline thus increasing the total length of the spline, the meshes were too few to close the gap.

Sorry for this pointless question, nothing wrong with Code or Splines just me being me LoL.

When you say stretching the lower points, how do you mean?

So, What I am making is Tank Track system with suspension, the suspension makes the points along the spline go up or down depending on the terrain, problem was the suspension was making the spline go way down increasing the length overall and there were just fewer Track Link meshes to cover up the gap.

I found another issue btw, I am using Get Location at Time along spline and It seems to slow down near points.

Yeah there appear to be a lot of issues with splines beneath the surface.

You might be better off using GetLocationAtInputKey or GetLocationAtDistanceAlongSpline