Spline-Tool for walls

Hi There,

I tried scavenging the web for a tutorial to see if I could use the landscape spline tool, or how to create my own spline actor, but haven’t been able to find something which talks about multiple meshes when using the spline tool. My aim is to use the spline tool for outer city walls. I basically would like the wall to extend with the control points having towers on them. The only problem is, now I have the two meshes (Wall & Tower), and if I set the tower in the control point, the wall still goes through it. On the other hand, if I try to place a second mesh in the segment itself of the tower, they never attach to one another, with a small amount of spacing between the wall and tower. What I was aiming for was to have the walls seamlessly attach to the tower at the points where I set a control point. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks a bunch in advance!

the problem i see with what your looking to do is that if you make your towers spline mesh components then they could end up getting stretched and not look right. i think the the best thing to do would be to have the towers overlapping the wall by building the wall via spline mesh then spawning a tower at each spline point. of course that all depends on your implementation, if your towers are hollow and the player can say walk up stairs inside them then that wont work out. you could also try adding an offset to each spline mesh component so that they dont start and end right at the spline point, this would leave you room to place/spawn the tower. in any event i added some pictures below of how i have used spline mesh components in the past and how i implemented having multiple meshes and offsetting them.