Spline tangent problem


I want to create a road by manipulating splines. This is my current setup, but i recieve this look:

The mesh is a simple square 200 x 200 plane, subdivided several times.

I have a blueprint setup, which i got of an older tutorial, followed by a comment suggesting a few changes, resulting in this:

Any tips on how to get a continuous road?

Kind regards :slight_smile:

Just a two cents input.

There is no need to set relative transform in “add spline mesh component” as it will be handled by “Start and End”. Usually setting “location at distance” to local will do for the position in “Start and End”.
Last check would be to ensure the mesh is facing the correction direction by highlighting the “add spline mesh component” and check the forward axis direction.

Have only been able to test your inputs now. Worked like a charm, thank you :o