Spline Save Issue

I attempted to create a spline to place a series of roads in my project. I own the GameTextures Roads and Paths pack from the marketplace and was following the tutorial in the below link.I have no issue creating the spline or using the dirt road texture to make it appear the way I need it to. My issue comes with saving the spline to my project. If I switch from the edit splines tool the entire length of road disappears. If I return to the spline edit tool the road is there. If I hit save and then play, the spline is gone. If I return to the spline edit tool, it’s once again there.

I’ve run a lighting build, saved the project, deleted and remade the spline, and even verified my UE 4.8.3 install and reinstalled the Roads and Paths pack, the dirt road spline just will not show up in the project outside of spline edit mode.

Am I missing something? Is this a bug? If so, is there a patch?