Spline rotation at spline

I’ve found this…but, I’m not sure how to use it. I’m completely new to Blueprints. I need to twist a mesh on my spline. I appreciate your help.

Have you seen this?

Yeah, I’m not sure if I quite understand it though. I’m still learning Blueprints to a degree, and I can’t touch a lick of code to save my life lol :sweat_smile:

Sorry, totally ignore that answer. I thought for a moment, it was a custom node.

You need to use the index of the point to the the node which point to rotate

Totally untested…

Thanks! Although, it’s still not working. It may be I’m not integrating it properly? To be honest I’m more of a soft tech artist (more artist). I don’t have a dev on the team right now so I’m figuring out how to properly blueprint on the fly. So unfortunately you (or anyone else who joins in) will have to do some hand-holding. :sweat_smile: > (REPAIRMAN-MAN-MAN-MAN’s Best Moments w/ All That’s Kel Mitchell | #TBT - YouTube)

So I made a standard spline mesh spline, and then put this node at the start of the construction script:



Sorry, I’m still not getting it. Maybe I’m not connecting it properly? I tried it several ways. Sorry if this seems painfully simple. I’m just not fully grasping blueprints yet.

Sorry for the delay, it’s best to use the reply button otherwise I don’t get a notification :slight_smile:

This is all I did, and then used the SetStartandEnd node. This won’t work if you’re just placing meshes along the spline, the need to be spline mesh components ( that stretch and twist with the spline ).

I see you are using that node in your earlier pics, but are you now?

No worries! And duly noted :slight_smile:

I’m still using the “Set Start and End” note. Are you saying I have to use “Spline Mesh” instead of “Spline”? (refer to image attached). If so, can I easily swap it in Blueprints? I’ve already done quite a bit of work with my spline :sweat_smile:.


Sorry, I mean spline, but AddSplineMeshCompoent.

If you try this code, the components will stretch and twist with the spline, although I haven’t tried the SetRotation node here:

Hmm, It works but it’s not rotating on the “X” axis, which is the main issue I’m having. Everything else works fine. I’ve recorded a video to demonstrate.

Yes, I also found that :slight_smile:

Some googling reveals this as a problem for people using blueprint. You can do it in C++.

Thing is, I’m pretty sure I’ve done it. Also there’s stuff like this:

Which is BP and clearly shows a spline being twisted


I will hunt a little further…

I have a copy of this

which uses BP, and definitely can twist the spline.


I’m having a rummage through the code, but it’s pretty extensive… :slight_smile:

Meh… I can see it’s doing the calculations longhand. There is no ‘setrotation’ node to be seen.

Ok, I’ve found something along these lines:

I assume that’s it, fairly sure. No idea how it works. Might be simpler to get the asset :smiley:

try this

Hmm, didn’t seem to work. But! I do appreciate the help. Maybe I wasn’t doing something correctly.

Thanks! That worked out well. Just what I needed. :pray:t4:

Side note: Is there a way to swap particular pieces of the spline? Like the individual piece, I have selected in the screenshot?

yes, Using Splines & Spline Components | Live Training | Unreal Engine - YouTube directly from epic, create struct or array and then set it as spline mesh