Spline (road) misdeforms in landscape

Why does the deformation of a spline to adapt to the path go wrong in Unreal 5.2

Hi alerender,

I’ve been using it fine in 5.2 - do you have the LandMass plugin enabled and using layers? I’ve had issues in previous versions with that, similar to your video - perhaps it’s that? You could test by making a level with a landscape without layers and the landmass plugin disabled and apply the spline deform to that…

I tried creating an empty landscape and applying it, and it works. For some reason, it doesn’t work with this landscape created using a heightmap. Maybe it’s a bug.

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You were right. When I disabled the Landmass, the spline ended up much higher (that’s why it adjusts there), so I lowered it and was able to place it correctly on the terrain. What is the purpose of having Landmass enabled after creating the terrain?

Yeah that’s the kind of thing I was getting too - It’s mainly for using “layers” on the landscape, and for some of the landscape features like river splines etc - If you’re not using either of those, you can just turn it off…

I am using the Procedural content generated…
I did not find any videos on youtube that use the Procedural, with a spline in a landscape with unevenness .

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I think that depends on what you’re doing with the PCG. What I ended up doing was creating a landscape with layers initially, and then exported it as a merged heightmap and reimporting as a single layer - solved all my problems with it.

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You have to activate in the Landscape Editor on the Road Layer the option reserve for Spline, than it should work.

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