Spline reference won't hook to "Get World Location at Distance Along Spline"

Hello various.

I’d been following a tutorial on how to create splines what lead a mesh along it, and came across a part in which I’m unable to continue. Posted in the picture is what should be happening but it throws an error in my direction and I’m not really one for Scripting so i’m hoping one of you bright fellows might be able to lend a hand.

Unreal Engine 4 Road Tool in Blueprints with Spline and SplineMesh - Part 2 SplineComponents - YouTube The area I’m now stuck at is 9 minutes 10 seconds in. I assume this tutorial is outdated and that’s why I’m having issues.

Don`t now if this still relevant but i was able to find the answer in the comments below that video.
“NOTE: when using version 4.10 and above used the Get Location at Distance Along Spline node and then select “Local” coordinate Space. This will make the static mesh show on the spline in the level. Using world makes it show up far from the spline.”
Hope it helps someone