Spline Property: Reparam Steps Per Segment?


I was wondering if anyone could explain to me in some detail about this property, “Reparam Steps Per Segment,” that can be found in the details panel for spline components?

The tooltip and documentation from Epic states: “Number of steps per spline segment to place in the reparameterization table.”

What is the reparameterization table?

Thank you!

Hello! Initially Spline contains points that you add in Viewport. But after that for precision purposes Spline calculates N steps for each segment and cache every step position. So the number of steps is defined by Reparam Steps Per Segment. And reparameterization table is just cached table that stores all points of spline (both steps and main points)

The answer might come a little bit late, but (and this is as I understand it), Reparam Steps Per Segment affects the interpolation between any two given points in a spline in Unreal.

When you are working with linear spline points, you don’t really need to worry about this setting as the segment that connects two linear spline points is a straight line.

However, this setting becomes really important when dealing with curved sections in a spline, as it affects the smoothness of the curvature present between two points. A good example where this is important is in the Camera Rig Rail component - if you use that actor to define the path that a camera should follow, and said path contains curves, increasing the Reparam Steps Per Segment in the spline sub component will smooth out the trajectory of any cameras attached to the rail.

Hope that makes sense :slight_smile: