Spline Points of Blueprint not selectable in World Editor View

I’ve been having trouble getting splines to work in UE5.

I saw that they’ve been added to the landscape editor, but I was wondering if it’s possible to use them in blueprints like we are able to in UE4.

If I follow a UE4 based tutorials on this topic and I make a blueprint with a construction script, I’m not able to see or select the spline-points in the World Editor View.
They do work in the Blueprint Editor View.

  • To have the spline-point show up in the World Editor View, I had to enable them through Show>Advanced>Splines.
  • I also enabled “Allow Spline Editing Per Instance” in the Spline Mesh Component that is added in the Construction Script.

Then in order to do anything with them, I need to select the Blueprint in the World Editor View and then select the spline component from the Details Panel, but this has very strange behavior. When I move the point, the gizmo jumps back to the origin of the object, and the spline point has moved a tiny bit, but does not seem to update the spline mesh component.
In UE4 it pretty much works out of the box when you add a Spline Component to a Blueprint.

To reproduce this problem:

  1. Create a Blueprint Actor
  2. Add a Spline Component to the Blueprint
  3. Add the Blueprint to the map

I’m curious to see if anyone else is experiencing the same problems as I am.
If you need any further information please let me know.

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I’m seeing the same thing in ue4.27