Spline points not working as expected!

I am constructing a circular path using spline but it is not working as expected, at some point the spline tangent Y axis gets rotated by 180 degree. I have attached the screenshot for the same. The blueprint used is a sample one, i have attached it for reference. Please tell me a solution for this.

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Hi the problem seems to be with spline mesh component function to set the position and tangent. it is reproducible when I try to make a circle in YZ or XZ plane.

HI one work around to the problem is a very trickey one, but only will work if you are working on one plane. So solution is to rotate the actor such that spline point will lie in X-Y plane relatively. This is very tedious work around. Wish i get a proper solution

Hi Atin123,

Are you trying to create a closed loop or a standard roller-coaster loop?

It should come down to playing with the SplineUpDirection setting to get the results you want. Could you include a screenshot of exactly what results you are getting?

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Hi i am doing open loop. I have attached 5 screenshot posting the issue. Please reproduce following the way i have done, u will the issue


Try setting the Spline Up Dir of the ‘Add Spline Mesh Component’ node like I have pictured below. I duplicated your setup and this fixed it for me.