Spline point wont appear

I’m trying to create streets for a city I’m creating on Unreal Engine. I have tried multiple times on pressing the function keys to create a spline point but it will not do so . I have watched many tutorials on youtube of people creating splines without issue but I don’t know why it isn’t working for me . When I see youtubers perform the spline start point function a small mountain icon would appear and they can just create their road but for me it doesn’t. I have checked to make sure the land I’m trying to place splines in (roads) is able to be edited and have done everything I could think of to make sure nothing is preventing it from working .

I would appreciate help on figuring out what may be the issue. I wonder if it could be that I have to have a street asset to create a spline for it to work correctly . Anyways, I’m out of ideas and am thinking of emailing UE support if I can’t figure it out here .

Steps to consider:

  1. Make sure you’re in landscape mode:


  1. Go into spline mode:

  1. CTRL-click on the landscape:

NOTE: If you are very near the landscape you wont see the little mountain, you’ll see:


If you see that, it just means you’re too close. Zoom out by rolling back the wheel on your mouse :slight_smile: