Spline Point Control

I’m new to using splines, and while they’re obviously super useful, I can’t seem to understand how to properly use them.
Is there anyway to see the transform values for a specific point in editor somewhere? Or snap a Spline point to a mesh?

What I want to do:
I’m looking for a way to position a snap point exactly where a camera is, so that when I start moving the camera with the spline - there’s not a jarring jump.

Am I using splines completely wrong, or have I missed something really basic?

Any help is appreciated

Hi, if the goal is to smoothly translate a camera along a spline, would it be better to use an interp node?

Ah, that would probably work! I guess I’m still really curious as to if there are any advanced controls for spline points - but I’m going to try this out! Are you using a Timeline to the left of the screen?

Also, you probably did miss something basic.

Add a construction even to the camera actor and tell it to snap to the spline point via code.

You can filter this by checking that a spline actor is valid. And you can clear or set the exposed variable in level when selecting the camera actor with a color picker tool so that the camera will either stay where it’s at, or automatically go the start of the spline whenever constructed.

Eliminating any issues regardless of how you move on the spline.

Also, re the code above…
Often camera rotation is uncoupled from a spline.

You should probably set the camera actor up so that it can point to a custom actor or something similar.

I have a function doing that (not the spline, the automated rotarion) in this tutorial series somewhere.…_hjAe-6o4f38VT

ah, I just slapped that together and positioned empty wires off the side of the screen. It’s implied that (and you already guessed this) this is either on a timeline or some other means to throttle the float distance input. Exposed!

There’s one really good control for splines I like: select a spline point then alt+drag the translation widget to insert a spline point after the selected point.

Really neat! Thanks a bunch! :slight_smile: