Spline player not collide with the static mesh ue4

I have create the the spline roadtrack blueprint and spline player path blueprint. My pawn player as a box that is run forward on event tick. The problem is that the pawn pass through the static mesh It is not collide with the static mesh. the spline plyer BP just have spline.I follow this tutorial for create spline path of user Unreal Engine 4 - Easy Character Spline Movement (Blueprints) + Gravity is unaffected :D - YouTube.

Does the static mesh you’re using has collision to start with? Double click the mesh and visualise it:

Do you see a green outline?

I create geometric door as a static mesh. then I had tried everything as simple collision ,complex collision , box collision many option from collision but it is not working. my pawn player collision set to block all.

That did not answer my question at all… Do you have collision set up for that static mesh? Do you see a green outline?

yes the green line shown on the static mesh.