Spline Path Follow for vehicles

Hi all, I just want to introduce you with my simple Spline Path Follow I came up with .
You can use it for vehicles or something else you need to follow spline.
Spline path follow blueprint (I also have made C++ Version ) ,in which is component that vehicle actually pushes in front of self ,and that component is guided by spline.
It is on YouTube for while, but I decide to declare here because probably lots of people here will find it helpful.
here is link to small presentation video, and there on my channel is a video tutorial on make off
I hope it will be useful

seem very interesting but i don’t see any link of the plugin .

Hi , I didn’t make plugin yet ,but on my channel you have tutorial on how to make SPF with blueprints

got it ! thanks for sharing .

Some people are asked is it possible to have Multiple vehicles on one spline, so with little reversed logic I made version where you can.


Thanks for a excellent tutorial. But I have a problem. My first car drives off and after the sphere but the other cars wont move. What have I missed? Plz Help.


Really nice work! but dude… I can’t find your tutorial anywhere, please put it somewhere we can find it.

Hello Miro!

Thank you for the tutorial. It really helps.

However, I noticed an issue:

On shorter splines, the cars sometimes oscillate or wobble over the spline. I see this in your Mustang video. In my case, I’m using buses which travel slower, so the wobble was worse. Strangely, this steering issue did not occur on longer splines.

To fix this issue, I mounted an invisible Arrow Component to the front of the vehicle. This arrow’s origin is used to calculate the vehicle’s position (Instead of the GetActorPosition [VehicleRef]). The arrow’s origin can also be positioned at the front (steering) axle.

All the best!

Another issue that I’m having.

When I add the vehicle to the map, and then in the editor, apply it to the spline VehicleRef variable, the vehicle works fine. However, when I try to dynamically spawn and add the vehicle to the VehicleRef variable, the vehicle spawns, but does not move.

Any insight would be helpful. Thanks!