Spline not saving when created with Editor Scripting.

SO a spawn an actor from template that has spline component inside.

I add points using reference to that spline and “Add Spline Point” function. And everything is fine until i reopen project.
When i save and reopen it the spline returns to it default state with 2 default points.

Is that a bug or i’m adding points wrong?

I have exactly the same issue. My last thought might be that maybe we have to tag it dirty or equivalent. I’m still investigating…

Hey, so if you still have this issue, or maybe someone one day: “Override Construction Script” has to be set to True (SplineComponent/Spline/Override Construction Script).
When you add/move/etc a point in the editor, it is automatically turned on.

Last Note on this page:

“Override Construction Script” of a spline component?