Spline: no longer static?

I have been following this tutorial:

to use splines to model my level with some nice shapes.

I created a blueprint similar, albeit a bit simpler, to the one shown in the tutorial, and it seems to be working.
I am however worried that my objects are rendered as movable rather than static.

At 53:00 of the tutorial, the author changes the property of the Spline from movable to static. In my editor however there is no such switch!
What am I missing? Is it something that has changed between version the tutorial was recorded with and the current version?
Is it possible I messed something up making it disabled?

Many thanks!

I am using the editor for Unreal Tournament and I am currently stuck with UE 4.8 - until it gets upgraded for the UT as well.

Do you need some more information of some kind? Should I file it as a bug? Or is this behavior intended for some reason? …

Hi LilliumAtratum,

I was able to reproduce this and have entered a bug report, UE-23026, to be assessed by the development staff.