Spline meshes growing the android game size.

Hi, i am working on a mobile runner project. And i have created spline mesh roads in construction script. Before create spline meshes, my game size was 58 mb and its size became 76 mb after created spline meshes. Now you can advice me that, create spline meshes in the event graph at the beginig of the game. But in this case spline mesh collisions not woking (also enabled collisions and searched internet, than do many things like “disable manual attachment” but not worked.) Here is some pictures of my spline meshes and blueprint.


Now i am searching how to decrease of game size.

Tahnks for any suggestion.

ok after some digging information from forum. There is a thread and givin some idea. Instance Static Mesh with Spline Component - Feedback for Unreal Engine team - Unreal Engine Forums

DamirH says "In very simplified terms, when you want to render a mesh you send off the vertices, the position, rotation, scale, shader data etc. to the GPU and it will take those vertices, transform them to the correct location and draw them. This is done for every single mesh.

Instanced static meshes work a bit differently - you only send in the vertices and shader data ONCE, but you send a bunch of transforms. The GPU then renders the same mesh a bunch of times. Due to this however you’re limited to every single mesh being identical. So unless spline sheer, twist and other deformations are included into the transform being passed on, then this ain’t happening."

what i understood is unreal is creating new meshes on the spline and using specific information for each mesh. is this cause the grows game size?

ok after some days i found some ways to create long roads. But it is not easy way to do that. First i have created road probs with my third party modeling program. Than imported them in to unreal. Started to make my own roads manulally. Than draw my spline on it. it is there the map sizes really nice. And after created 6 big maps my game size was 64 mb and i guess i can create 30 maps with under 100 mb game size. İt is not easy like “add spline mesh”, but it is working properly. Anyway perhaps this information can be useful for somebody.