Spline mesh


Congrats to UE 4.3 release :). As for the accesing Splines from blueprints, is there any way how to access landscape splines, or the only way how to work with splines is to add SplineMesh as component to some blueprint ?

And is there any way how to work with this new Spline and Spline Mesh component visually like with landscape splines? I see i can add Spline and Spline Mesh component to any blueprint objects, but i dont know how to connect this instanced blueprint spline to another one, like when working with landscape splines.

Edit: now i see, i can control spline via white control rectangles in editor :), but the spline mesh is not moving along with it. Will inspect it more.




Howdy lukas84,

Have you looked into the content examples map about splines? There are several different examples of ways of accomplishing that by looking into the Blueprint_Splines. If you like you could send us a screenshot of how you have your blueprint set up so you may help you along.

Thanks and have a great day!


ok, i will check it thanks.


I found the demo. I didnt know, there is such demo. (I had only old content examples demo) Thanks :slight_smile:

Hey lukas84,

I found a couple of tutorials that may help you out with splines. They can be found here: Unreal Engine 4 Road Tool in Blueprints with Spline and SplineMesh - Part 1 Spline Components - YouTube.

I also wanted to check with you and see if your issue has been resolved. Whether it has or has not, please do let me know so that I may close out this issue or help you further with it.


Wow, thats great, thank you :). Yea, in meanwhile i also learned work for example with Spline control points (duplicate them), but will check the tutorial.

Yes, please mark it as resolved, i wanted to do so, but i could not, on your post.


In regards to his first question, can you reference a landscape spline still or has that been removed or is it only possible with C++?

There is a “Roller Coaster” plugin where he does, but does not work in current copy of UE4


Howdy ,

I am fairly certain that referencing a landscape spline is still only possible with C++. Most of the Staff here at epic is on vacation and should be back on Monday. When they do arrive back, I am going to check and confirm the question that you have asked.

Thanks and have a great day!