Spline Mesh "Set Start Position" in world space?

How to set Spline Mesh start position (or end position) in world space? The node sets it in local space.

I would like to set Spline Mesh start position to the location of an actor ‘X’ placed in scene, in world coordinates. My spline mesh is rotating, so it needs to continuously update its Start Position to match to location of actor ‘X’.

I also need to do this and can’t find any info. Did you find a solution?

Basically, I wanted to set the BP_spline start point/transform (e.g. see BP_Spline_Mesh in content demo)
to an arbitrary location [world.x, world.y, world.z.].

I know [world.x, world.y, world.z.] must be converted to local space for the spline but that’s the missing info.
There are function like InverseTransformLocation and TransformLocation but I can’t seem to get them to
do what I want so not sure if they are required.

Any ideas?

Not sure, I ended up using it in local space after some workarounds… Maybe the TransformLocation with Transform value taken from the SplineMesh Component itself…?

Will take a look. Thanks.