Spline mesh is broken

The spline mesh is broken here, using Macbook Pro with i7, 16GB RAM and Intel Iris 1536 MB. I see this for the spline mesh demo in content examples:

Any fix for this?

Am I the only one meet this problem?.. I’ve searched for no one talking about this…

Maybe your graphics card does not support it. Try creating your own spline to make sure.

The bug only occur at Mac OS. I’ve installed a Windows with Bootcamp and the Windows version of Unreal works fine there, so I think it’s not the matter of the graphics card.

Hi Kay Chan,

Can you post your system specs here? Go to the Apple menu > About This Mac, and copy paste everything there including the OS version (but leaving out the Serial Number). Thanks!

Here it is


Hi Kay,

I was able to reproduce this in Content Examples in 4.7.4, but it appears that it is already fixed in our main internal build. The fix should be included in a future release, likely 4.8. Thanks for the report!