Spline Mesh Generator problems

Hello Community !

Currently working on a Spline Based Mesh Generator Blueprint, I am having some troubles.
The objective was to create alternately Gold mesh and Stone mesh along a spline, with 3 differents pattern for each type of brick generated randomly.
Meshes are generated between two point of the spline
(I am using the 4.19.2 version)


The switch between gold and stone is working well as the random generation of each type but :

The problem is that some meshes are not generated or generated at the wrong place : they seems to pop at the end of the spline.
I tried to circle the problem putting some colorfull material : here is the result

5 Meshes are missing and they seem to be stack at the end of the spline on the last interval.

Moreover, if I change my randomize to generate only 4 différents type of brick, it appears that 3 meshes are missing still stacked between the last 2 points (last emplacement)

If I moove points on the spline, the random generation work well and change bricks but also, the missing meshes change location :


Here is the “TopPart” of my blueprint

and the bottom part (nodes are almost the same after the FlipFLop : 1 branch for gold and 1 for stone)

Here is a link to a googledrive with an archive of my project :
[link text][6]

Any ideas on what could be going wrong?

Thanks for your time !!!