Spline mesh does not close loop when Closed Loop property set directly on Spline Component in Details panel.


It seems there is a problem in the editor related to toggling the “Closed Loop” property directly on a Spline Component in the Details panel and expecting its value to applicable in the owner actor blueprint. In short the property is always false in the Construct script of a blueprint. This is a problem for updating a spline mesh in edit mode.

It turns out I had initially reported this bug in the wrong section, possibly because of a mouse scroll wheel action when selection the section. Here is the link to the post with the full details:

Hopefully someone at Epic can fix the problem. Thanks for any assistance on this.

Hi ossumajor,

Since your other post has the most info, I moved it over to Bug Reports as well and we can treat it as the main post.

I’ll be posting there soon.



Thank you TJ. I hope this is something that can be fixed. Looking forward to the ruling.