Spline mesh does not close loop when Closed Loop property set directly on Spline Component in Details panel.

It seems there is a problem in the Unreal Editor where toggling the “Closed Loop” property on a Spline Component is not detected by the owner actor’s construct script; with the value for “Closed Loop” having been set from the Details panel. This problem prevents toggling the open/closed state of a spline-based mesh during edit time.

Setting the open/closed state from the actor (as a separate variable to set directly to Spline Component’s “Closed Loop” property) allows a spline mesh to be constructed correctly. However, this is more of a work around and will not work for our intended editor plugin functionality, which works directly on Spline Components.

Is there a way to call construct on a component (from a blueprint) before the owner actor’s construct script is executed?

If not please provide a fix that will allow this. In the end the expected behavior is that setting the “Closed Loop” flag (directly on a Spline Component) will have the user defined value from the Details panel applied in the construct script of the owner actor.

The following image shows a typical flow for creating a spline mesh actor. When “Closed Loop” is toggled in the Details panel, the flow of the blueprint always follows the path for False on the branch for “Closed Loop”.

Thank you for any assistance.

Hey ossumajor,

Thank you for the report. I was able to reproduce this behavior and after researching it, it’s actually a known issue that we have logged as JIRA UE-21838. Our developers are investigating the problem.

I will add to the report that you are also experiencing this issue and that it’s a blocker for the plugin you are creating.



Thank you very much TJ. My apologies for the duplicate report. Looking forward to the fix.