Spline mesh components generated in "onConstruction" function are not showing up in packaged build

I am working on a prototype for my senior capstone class and I was trying to develop a tool to allow a designer to quickly create a procedurally generated race car track. This all works very well in the editor, but none of the spline mesh components seem to be showing up in a packaged build of the game which is obviously a pretty big issue. There seems to be no presence of either the mesh or any of it’s collisions. Here is what some of my code looks like:

Here I am creating the pieces of the track with a for loop that scans through a spline created by the tool.

 void ATrackGenerator::BuildTrack(UStaticMesh* trackElementMesh)
     for (int32 i = 0; i < NumSplinePoints - 1; i++)
         SplineMeshConstruct.Add(BuildTrackElement(trackElementMesh, i));
 USplineMeshComponent* ATrackGenerator::BuildTrackElement(UStaticMesh* trackElementMesh, int32 loopIndex)
     // Gather Data for element build
     if (loopIndex + 1 >= NumSplinePoints)
         return nullptr;
     int32 localCurrentLoopIndex = loopIndex;
     int32 localNextLoopIndex = loopIndex + 1;
     UStaticMesh* localTrackElementMesh = trackElementMesh;
     FVector localStartLocation;
     FVector localStartTangent;
     SplineComponent->GetLocalLocationAndTangentAtSplinePoint(localCurrentLoopIndex, localStartLocation, localStartTangent);
     FVector localEndLocation;
     FVector localEndTangent;
     SplineComponent->GetLocalLocationAndTangentAtSplinePoint(localNextLoopIndex, localEndLocation, localEndTangent);
     //Create spline mesh component
     USplineMeshComponent* splineMeshComponent = NewObject<USplineMeshComponent>(this, USplineMeshComponent::StaticClass());
     splineMeshComponent->CreationMethod = EComponentCreationMethod::UserConstructionScript;
     splineMeshComponent->AttachParent = SplineComponent;
     splineMeshComponent->SetStartAndEnd(localStartLocation, localStartTangent, localEndLocation, localEndTangent);
     splineMeshComponent->SetStartScale(FVector2D(RoadConstruct[loopIndex].TrackWidth, RoadConstruct[loopIndex].TrackThickness));
     splineMeshComponent->SetEndScale(FVector2D(RoadConstruct[loopIndex].TrackWidth, RoadConstruct[loopIndex].TrackThickness));
     return splineMeshComponent;

In the Editor it looks like this:
In the packaged build it looks like this:

I have the exact same problem and was not able to find a solution. First I had errors like root is static and it cant attach the meshes which are dynamic and stuff, but after fixing this still no mesh is visible in packaged game. Where you able to fix this?

Unfortunately, no.