Spline mesh component

Hello everyone,

I try to add a spline mesh component in a blueprint actor and update the start and the end with sockets locations (skeletal mesh).

But i have a strange rendering result… (yellow tube)

Here my blueprint construction.

Other thing, I attached a “sphere collision” at the socket and i used her to get the location of the socket.

Does someone know any solution ?

Thanks in advance !

If i don’t use “set Start and End location” that’s clear.

Nobody can help me ?
I have the same issue with an emitter.

Have you need more informations ?

Thanks in advance !

I solved it.

Here the quicks steps :

  • Open your BP and then go to the “Class defauts”
  • In “Actor Tick”, set “Tick Group” with “Post Physics”
  • Make sure you’ll add the Spline Mesh component with a parent proprieties to the actor. (check with GetParentComponent)