Spline Mesh Component not generating Collisions on Runtime


I’m meshing a spline using the Add Spline Mesh component node.

Here’s the setup (I’m building it at the Event Graph, not the construction Script):

When I run the application from the UE Editor everything works perfectly. I can have a simple sphere colliding with my spline mesh which was generated on runtime.

But when I package my application and run it as a standalone I do get the mesh but I loose all collisions and the sphere just passes through the mesh.

Is there a catch to generating collision on runtime as a standalone to be aware of?
The mesh I’m using has “Use Complex Collision As Simple”.

I can’t seem to find the problem as in the editor everything runs smoothly, but the moment I package my app it stops working when executed.


So the issue was, that my mesh had collision set as “Use complex collision as simple” instead of “Use simple collision as complex”

For me is not working even in editor in version 5.1, it did work flawlessly in editor in 5.0.3. but that had the unfortunate bug that after packaging it, the game would not turn on.

In 5.0.1. the collision only generates at the local (0;0;0) with the basic shape.

Did you ever figure this one out?

Enable “Allow CPUAccess” for your mesh.