Spline mesh collision issue

I am trying to make a online multiplayer map based off of a cave system theme. To do this, I made a spline system thanks to Ryan Laley’s tutorials. It randomly selects a mesh based off a defined list.

I found an issue with the collision as the player character goes straight through the mesh. I have checked both the source meshes and they both have

  • simple and complex Collision Complexity
  • BlockAllDynamic Collision Presets

The part of the function that generates the mesh is:

I have run out of ideas on what it could be

Drag the Return Value from the Add Spline Mesh Component node and find Set Collision Enabled. That should do the trick.

Which option should I choose? Query, physics or collisions?

Collision (Query and Physics)

Didn’t seem to work, but thanks for the quick reply

I fixed it.

Changed all presets to NoCollision (including in the meshes)
Added the collision enabled node and set it to Collision
Changed Bounds in mesh to Use Complex as Simple

Never mind. It did, but needed to add some other stuff first